• One Screen Access to
  Complete Customer
• Toll free 800 tech support
• Free website
• Emergency bill printing
• Free rate analysis
• Free remote backup
• Training in your office, in
  our classroom or online
• CASS certification
• Data conversion
• Seamlessly integrated
  TrackADebt service
• Free UPS ground shipping
  on forms/purchases
• And so much more!


Exceptional Services

With Exceptional Value.

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Your Software Solution 

Intedata offers unparalleled technical support with a staff that knows the software inside and out. We answer your questions promptly and in plain English.

We offer training programs designed with you in mind in a variety of formats for your convenience. You can also take advantage of the automation discounts offered by the USPS. CASS Certification allows us to process your customer addresses in a flash – verifying them with the latest postal service database and providing the required reports.

From data conversion when the number of records is too large for your in-house resources to Remote Backup Plus to emergency billing services – Intedata offers unmatched, dedicated technical support for your peace of mind.

Call 1-800-442-0309 or email

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