• Reduces Meter Reading Errors
  & Entry Time
• Interfaces with most major
  meter reading systems
• Seamless integration
  with Psion Workabout Pro
  with CE.NET
• Improves accuracy to
  reduce rereads
• Fast transfer to SOFTWater
• Allows messaging to and
  from office
• Automatically updates
  walk sequences
• Reports reader and
  route efficiency
• And so much more!



Automate Reading Entry With
The Power of SOFTRead!
Our Seamlessly Integrated Meter Reading
System Saves You Time & Money.

  SOFTRead offers ease of use and functionality in the field and in the office. Supporting many reading systems, SOFTRead eliminates re-reads with on-the-spot error checking and alarms for high, low or rollover readings. Specialized search features, online help screens, report generation and other benefits improve accuracy saving your utility time and money.

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